Adventures in Baking: Pecan Pie

In addition to corn, I am also allergic to pecans. Pecan pie is a celebration – nay, an offering to the gods – of corn syrup and pecans. Theoretically off limits to an unworthy, allergy-riddled human like me. However, never one to let a mere allergy get in the way of food (especially dessert), I … Continue reading Adventures in Baking: Pecan Pie


Jane Eyre & Wide Sargasso Sea

Jane Eyre & Wide Sargasso Sea Jane Eyre took me 10 years to read and 4 false starts. Despite never finishing the novel, I had firmly entrenched negative opinions on Jane Eyre, particularly concerning Mr. Rochester. Knowing the basic plot, and having seen the 1996 film version around the time of my first attempt, I … Continue reading Jane Eyre & Wide Sargasso Sea

Around the world in 365 days

I will be sampling from 5 reading challenges this year (I'm stubborn and a little bit ambitious). They are: Book Riot Read Harder Challenge PopSugar's Ultimate Reading Challenge Invisible Mentor's Read the World Challenge Modern Mrs. Darcy's Reading Challenge #BustleReads Challenge 2016 I do not expect to complete all 5 challenges, especially Invisible Mentor's. I'm … Continue reading Around the world in 365 days


I've had numerous requests to start a blog; these (crafting, cooking, and reading) are the three most requested topics. On previous occasions of plotting out this tripartite blog I couldn't find a reason to include books, other than my confirmed status as a bookworm. Crafting and cooking already had reasons, after all. Crafting – well, … Continue reading Why?