Blogging Take 2

“Lights, camera, action! Take 2!”  -my sister, SC

Shall I try this again? Blogging about books, crafts, and food? I think yes. Though I will try being not quite as ambitious this time.

*Goes off in search of an unnecessary number of reading challenges*

I’m a big fan of the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, so I will be doing that one again this year—and, in fact, have already checked off 6 of the 24 items. I’m also highly competitive, so I couldn’t resist these challenges either: (1) Beat the Backlist Hogwarts Mini Challenge and (2) Back to the Classics1. Points!

Since this blog post is also serving as my entry for the Hogwarts challenge, I’m setting a goal of reading 27 books off my backlist. I’m only counting those that I either purchased or filed away in my book wants photo album before January 1, 2017. Anything purchased, borrowed, or somehow discovered in 2017 are ineligible for this challenge.


1Two of my reading resolutions this year were to finally say I slogged through a Dickens novel (with apologies to my mother for this characterization) and read something by Tolstoy. I have my work cut out for me.


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